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Our VIP Club was started for the simple fact that WE LOVE OUR OUTFITS and want them all the time! As a women we want the dresses to be sexy, the jewelry to bling, and the handbag to pop the whole outfit. The idea came when we noticed that our customers started buying complete outfits form our newest collection every month. It seems that our stylist do it right, they know the right stuff to make it all come together. Well we made it easier, it is like a gift to yourself from yourself every month. We started SquareHearts VIP beta back in March 2014 and made it super exclusive, invite only. We wanted to make sure that we could make this possible and to do it right. Well we still plan to keep it this way, this is an invite only party and if you are invited then we welcome you to the best kept secret out there and we welcome you!


March 19, 2015

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