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Obsession with PINK everything & nude nails

Hey girls!
Wanted to share some of or latest obsessions here at SquareHearts - PINK COLORS <3
Omg, we are in love with pink, everything pink.
- flowers in your hair, your actual hair, dresses, skirts, pants, jeans, shorts, all type of clothing, shoes, underwear, water bottles, jewelries, accessories, cupcakes, interior, workouts, and much more...! :P
Lets get started with some gifts in pink to ourselves:
pink girls gifts birthday celebration dreaming perfect clothing dresses party girlsnight
Did you know that we send out all our orders in a pink/purple package, super cute!
Moving on...with accessories in pink:
pink jewelry accessories summer trends summerfashion california la pink braceletpink earings gold fashion cali girls gift womens trends new style summer
Hello amazingly pink hair
pink hair hairfashion new hairstyles pink fashion womensclothing musthave trendalert
summer california la summerfashion pink hair hairtrend hairstyle sunglasses top dress dresses
Dresses - Powder pink, Bright pink, and Dreaming Lace pink
powder pink softpink ballerina pinkshoes shoes summer summernights fahion
neon neonpink summerpink party partygirl girlsnight fashion sexy dress dresses
lace skrit top dress dresses pink outfit fashion summernights citystyle trend girlsnight
What isn't better then a pair of perfectly pink shoes?
shoes pink nails pinknails fashionnails prettyshoes pretty style girlsfashion summernightsparis summernights pink shoes pinkshoes fashion new outfit trend
Lets not forget our everyday workouts, and treats <3 
workout pink style girlsclothing womensclothing summerfashion outfit fit fitness trend sporty sport girl pink cupcake pink treat girl love dessert happy night summerfashion fashion
Apparently it is the NATIONAL PINK DAY today as well so that kinda suites this obsession of pink haha (
 - | - | - | - 
As a perfect wearable contrast to this pink obsession we can't say no to #nude #summer #nails 
nude nails summer fashion nailfashion nailtrend celebritynails sheer cream taupe beige neutral pale
So simple and perfect when wearing your pink EVERYTHING ;) <3
Have an amazing monday girls, talk soon!

June 23, 2014

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