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The New SQH Fashion Box

Every month our Squarehearts Members look forward to their VIP box and now we have changed the game by offering our new SQH Fashion Box. The New SQH Box is our signature membership with fun ingredients that make fashion exciting. Offering the most premier clothing, accessories and now beauty products worth more than a $200+ value in every box. Each SQH box includes 6-9 Fashionable items to complete your monthly look, including at least 1 clothing item, 3 accessories, 1 beauty product snd some surprise items that will make you go wow!

Do I get the keep the everything in the SQH Box?

Now we get this a lot, "Do I get to keep the items that are sent or is it like all the other Fashion Subscription Boxes, and that when it comes to me I need to pay additional money for the items I keep?" The answer to this is NO! Keep everything we send you and there is NEVER additional fees or charges. We make it simple here for you, unpack it, feel it, wear it, love it, keep it! 

Our New Sizing

Another question we always get is our sizing. We have learned from our mistakes in the past and only offer small, medium and large sizes at this time. And let us explain, our previous VIP box was offered in the following sizes, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and this became a very big complication for buying the best clothing around. It became hard to purchase XS, XL, XXL and XXXL sizes and lacked the quality we set out to have for our company. Ladies we are so sorry for this, trust us, but we will bring it back once we can do it properly, we want to make you happy and give you the most amazing fashion out there. 

Sign up time, Shipping, Billing & Skipping months

Our billing for the new SQH fashion box is on our completely new and upgraded system, we love it sooooo much!

Sign up time

Our new SQH fashion box is only available for sign up from the 1st to the 15th of every month, you are now enrolled in the next months box. Let me explain, if you sign up March 15th then you will receive the April box. If you are new to signing up this is your time to do it, Once you are in then you are in in the club and there is no need to sign up again. We have limited quantities available and that is why this we have this timing, also it helps us with getting to work on your fashion box for the month. And this is where shipping falls in...


We ship everything on the 1st of every month, shipping times vary depending on where you are within the country but generally takes 5-7 business days to be delivered to you.


Why we love of new billing system. In the past when you signed up on the 5th or any day you were then billed the 5th of every month. This made many problems with shipping out orders and people feeling like they got double charged before they received their first box. Well we have changed this, we now charge everyone on the 15th of every month. This is to make sure that nobody gets charged twice before receiving their boxes.

Skipping a Month

This our newest feature, once you sign up you have a "Manage Subscriptions" button

When you click this manage subscription button in your account section then you will be able to navigate towards your delivery schedule and you will see this...

This will give you the flexibility that many of you would like to have. Well we listened and made it happen.  

What is in the box every month

Well we don't want to get rid of the surprise of what is in your next box but I can give you some information that might help <3. As mentioned above we includes 6-9 Fashionable items to complete your monthly look, including at least 1 clothing item, 3 accessories, 1 beauty product snd some surprise items. We focus monthly on the latest trends and even events that occur for that particular month.

So for example in April coming up we are drawing inspiration from Coachella, an annual music and arts festival in Southern California which features many genres of music, including rock, indie, hip hop, and electronic dance music, as well as art installations and sculptures.

When you think spring fashion, Coachella is pretty much king. With all of young Hollywood gathered in one dusty desert destination, decked out in their boho best, it's a mean style game and we are here to help you compete in this fashion game. 

So as events, trends and session come up we are here to keep you up with the latest. So give it a try and sign up today, you will love that you did!



August 04, 2015

Can you tell me what the sizing for small is? (bust, waist, hips, etc.)


Gina Johnson
Gina Johnson

July 01, 2015

So basically you pay $50 a month and get a box once a month with all these items in it and everything in it will be mine for the $50 a month? And if something doesn’t fit or anything else can it be traded or returned? Sounds fun though!
Gina Johnson


May 22, 2015

When it comes to signing up and shipping, does it mean if I signed up on May 16, 2015, then I will not get a box in June? I have to wait til July now?

March 26, 2015

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