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Omg, we can't believe #stylefw is already over...!

This was such an inspiring show, so many great talents and amazing designs!

We were all so excited for this week field with fashion,
and of course the team was there every day sucking it all in. 

This couldn't have been a better timing for the Style Fashion Week to be scheduled. We are, as some of you already know, launched our new SQH Fashion Box in March <3 and here are some of our absolute favorite designers from the week is the following:


Her interesting design and style is timeless. Pieces every woman, and man, could wear in any age of year and time. Inspiration from music shines through and the whole SQH Team could agree on one thing - This is soooo European Classic Look, that we couldn't other then LOVE <3 

Nikki Rich is a lifestyle brand that invokes a modern sensibility by fusing music, art, and fashion. Co-designed by Nikki Lund & Richie Sambora, the pair are successfully bridging the gap between designer and contemporary fashion. Pairing luxe textiles with impeccable craftsmanship, Nikki Rich offers a unique designer aesthetic at an affordable price. The brand’s effortlessly deconstructed collections echo the pair’s eclectic personal style. They help consumers find their style by offering a chic blend of tailored jackets and blazers, silky shirts, knit tops, flattering pants, and feminine dresses. Additionally, the pair push the limits of design with custom pieces created for a very discerning celebrity following including Carrie Underwood, Jon Bon Jovi, Kelly Clarkson, Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Scherzinger, Miley Cyrus, Tiffani Thiessen and Karina Smirnoff.


Heeellllloooooo POOL SEASON! Yes, this couldn't inspire us any more then to the tee! Swimwear to die for, perfect for every girl, in every moment. One thing that totally caught our attention, and might have caught or bosses attention even more was the amazing swimsuits

Versa swimwear is a brand that is here to stay and that will change the face of swimwear due to the versatility, the unique designs, the color-changing fabrics, and the quality and beauty of each piece. Women have long-desired a more sophisticated piece of swimwear that allows them to change styles within a matter of minutes, that is also sexy and playful, and that stands out.  This swimwear line carries qualities that allow women to identify with the brand, and they are now waiting for it to arrive, all over the globe.


Okay, first...the most cute fashion show ever! Kids in different ages are rocking the stage! All wearing kings, queens, princes, and princesses inspired clothes with tiaras and crown - and one even more common piece they were all wearing - The Color RED. Nancy's collection is dedicated all red for the research of heart diseases <3 Not just is she an amasiznfg designer with an outstanding technique, she'a also a designer incorporating an awareness, and message that can be heard and carried on. 

NANCY VUU's Fall/Winter Collection 2015 has gone RED.  Her elegant and graceful "Royal Red" Collection is in support of the Go Red movement to help raise awareness of heart disease, and the RED collection helps us teach our children in a beautiful way that living a heart healthy life must start at an early age. The "Eternal Garden" collection is also being introduced.  Filled with luxurious lace, satin, silk and sumptuous floral patterns, both collections deliver the whimsical sophistication we've come to expect from her label. Adding a touch of playful boldness and contrast, Nancy is incorporating fur this season into many of the pieces.  From classic A-lines to tailored suits and her exquisitely detailed gowns, Nancy once again whisks a generation of youngsters away to a high fashion fairytale!

Girls, we had such a blast and we cant tell you all how much inspiration and excitement we have for the future SQH boxes :-D 

For more inspiration and behind the scenes visit our Instagram:

Stay tuned for inspiration and other exclusive inside info about the April Box <3 


March 31, 2015

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