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Spring is officially here and we love it! So many feelings, so many colors, and so much love in the air - or is it just us going nuts on all amazing #springfashion surrounding us? ;-) Easter just passed by and Coachella is around the corner which means that your first SQH box is on it’s way to your door, and we couldn't be more excited!!

As some of you might already know, Squarehearts has been going through a little facelift. We are finally finished and the new SQH Box is here! The first edition was SQH APRIL, which was inspired with - of course - Coachella <3 

Whats in the April box?

The new SQH box differs from the old VIP, both when it comes to quantity of products, and what types of products that you will get. In the April box we featured the following, A pair of jean shorts, a tank top shirt, a bra, nail polish, floral head band, yourMinerals Minerals makeup, jewelry, bodyscrub and a yourMinerals $20 giftcard.



I don't know about you, but the SQH Team definitely had an amazing easter weekend :-)  The weekend offered beautiful weather, and I don't if I might be crazy....but how amazing isn’t it to start your day off with a challenging hike in Runyon Canyon, California - OMG, we just loooove that! The SQH team enjoyed a couple of hours in the sun, with some yoga exercising, amazing LA City views, and some free Vitamin D :-) 

A little fun fact for you all - Did you know that the owner and founder of Squareherats is Swedish? Anyways, of course since she's Swedish, and the main corse and concept of Squarehearts is Swedish/European, there has always been a lot of Swedes working here. Another way to keep up the Swedish spirit and inspiration - kinda cute isn't it?

Our Marketing Assistant hosted a typical Swedish Easter dinner where we all enjoyed Swedish meatballs, prince sausages (a typical look and way of a sausage), herring, homemade beet salad, and other delicious delicacies.
The night ended up with egg hunting...ohhh...noooo... I mean.. it ended up with some amazing drinks at PUMP in West Hollywood :-)


April 07, 2015

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