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DIY Studded Sweater

Turn an old sweater into your new favorite studded sweater with a little DIY love. I’m obsessed with studs lately on everything. Shoes. Shirts. Phone cases. Let me show you how you can apply it and what you will need.

Squarehearts Knitted Studded Sweater Do it yourself DIY

What you see right here is gold metal studs on the front shoulder of this beige sweater. This will take no time at all to put together using whatever studs you desire. Long, curved, sharp, bull noses, squared, gold, silver, colored and even skulls as shown below.

Squarehearts Studs

All of these studs can be found at your local craft store and can be found at a very low cost. Some studs have glue back or screw type. So with the sweater above we have used the screw type studs. This made it super simple to just poke the stud into the sweater material and then just screw it in place. Love how easy it is. 

Now with the glue backed studs you can apply them to your favorite heels. Compared to the screw back you can apply them to basically anything, like a handbag, jackets or even beanies that are shown below.

Squarehearts Heels Studded DIY Sqaurehearts Handbag Studded DIY
Squarehearts Jacket Studded DIY Squarehearts Beanie Studded DIY

 Of course the shoes take quiet a bit of work and also the jacket but well worth it. Take a $100 leather jacket and turn it into a $1000 Designer Jacket! But on the easier side to just get a simple black beanie and throw some screw back studs around it and call it a day. 

Well if you like this article and it was helpful please comment below and let us know your thoughts and of course if you need any help with learning more about studding comment as well.  

October 15, 2015

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