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SQH October Box

Our October box is here! We listened to our customer and when you said you wanted more cozy sweaters and designer jeans well we delivered! So again we love this months outfit, here at Squarehearts we always give you a full outfit. So this month we started with these stonewashed denim jeans and then we had to find the right sweater to pair up with it so we found these perfect four color Mesh Designer Knitted Sweaters. But we could not stop there we had to find you girls a thin chic belt and Bracelet to complete the outfit!  

Then you know us again we could not stop, We found this amazing brush kit from Beauty Treats, ok we had too, we can never have too many makeup brushes! Also from Beauty Treats we got this amazing lip treatment that comes in Avocado, Aloe, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Coconut and Rosehip.

 Squarehearts October Fashion Box



Stonewashed Denim: Ouufff, we are more than obsessed with these grey blackish stonewashed jeans, they match everything and are perfect, dress them up or down, they are just too fab!

Retail: $59

Mesh Designer Knit Sweater: We at Squarehearts thought that you guys deserved a really fashionable sweater this month, and we can’t stop loving this designer colored fluffy sweater. It’s a must in your wardrobe this fall.

Retail: $49.99

Thin Chic Belt: We love accessories, so we decided to give you guys a super cute belt, not everything has to be extreme, sometimes we love the fact that LESS is MORE!!

Retail: $19

Gold Buckle Bracelets: SQH found the bracelet you need!! Girls, you can never go wrong with a gold mixed with leather bracelets, it will make you look even more fab than you could imagine!

Retail: $29.99

Make Up Brush Kit: The most important item of our make up set.. Obviously the brushes, you got to have brushes to keep it nice and clean and we think you deserve a few ;)

Retail: $39

Lovely Beauty Treats Lip Care: With natural extracts we have an assortment of fabulous flavors for you this month.With Avocado, Aloe, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Coconut and Rosehip, your lips will thank you!

Retail: $9

Cat Ears: Who doesn't love halloween, seriously the holiday of the year! We got you guys some super cute cat ears, meow!


TOTAL VALUE: $205.98

So girls don't let another month go by and not get the latest fashion. You still have a limited amount of time to get the October SQH Fashion Box before they are all sold out.

October 15, 2015

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