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French Styled Women Evolved in the Past Century is so Beautiful

Fashion and beauty trends, what goes around comes around! The old becomes the new and this video below shows it all with over a century of looks. Amazing how over the decades how the hair styles have changed, I mean I can't even look back 10 years ago and remember what my hair was with out laughing. So incredible to be reminded of our past and to sometimes get re-inspired. I know you watched the video and and got inspired again, I know I did.

This Watchcut video team took it to another level with all the accessories, lip sticks, choker, 70's sunglasses, bangs, to the 40's and World War II occupied looks. Truly amazing! This beautiful history really makes this valuable in the way it sparks our interest in history itself. Think about how this impacted America and how we look to other cultures to draw in inspiration and the other way around. Let us be inspiared everyday and give love and respect to all culture, we want to learn from them and be open as we never know where the next big thing will come from.

November 18, 2016

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